RX8E printset?

From: Vince Slyngstad <v.slyngstad_at_verizon.net>
Date: Wed Jan 28 20:00:09 2004

> "Diagrams for an Implementation on a TC08 Backplane"
> I guess TC08s are common enough in Europe that you can
> strip 'em to build floppy controllers.

No, no, send the TC08 to me! I would love to get a TC08 back-plane for my
8i :-). I could even trade a TU55 drive for it, and then we could both use
TC08s as they were intended :-)!

I could also use an RX8e, but I promise not to put it in the TC08 :-).

What is the best source of back-plane slots for this kind of homebrew work?

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