Ultrix on an 11/730?

From: J.C. Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Thu Jan 29 13:58:18 2004

    From http://netbsd.org/Misc/history.html: "NetBSD took its roots
from the original UCB 4.3BSD via the Networking/2 release and 386BSD."
Talking to the guys in #netbsd on efnet, the 'net' portion of the name
shows part of it's heritage, from the Metworking/2 release. They claim
you're on crack.


Michael Sokolov wrote:

>>Excellent. I didn't realize that. I think I got confused looking at
>>NetBSD (which says it won't boot on a 730).
>Please don't confuse BSD and NetBSD. It may help to realise that "net" is
>Russian for "no", so NetBSD really means "not BSD". I strongly encourage you to
>run 4.3BSD on your VAX. A Classic Computer should run a Classic OS!
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