New (sic) 8" floppy media?

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 18:29:39 2004

M. Farris and Associates ( apparently
sells a wide variety of legacy media products. I
don't know if they are closing out new old stock or
if they have an ongoing supply, but they advertise
a nice selection.


--- Tom Jennings <> wrote:
> So, what's the story with current-use 8" flop media?
> My brother Gregg
> got my old CP/M system running, novelty is wearing
> off and is willing to
> part with it now :-) It's a homemade box, I forget
> what's in it, though
> I do remember it's got a Cromemco 4FDC with a data
> separator piggyback
> board from a Trash 1 living under the WD17xx chip
> (the Pertecs the 4FDC
> was meant for had data sep on-board). Two Shugart
> drives with solidstte
> relays to shut 'em off after inactivity, which is
> just as well, as the
> bearings now howl like crazed tiny animals.
> I have one sealed box of Dysans (list price: $65. My
> price: $2 from a
> stationary store in Tucson AZ closing in 1998. Wish
> I had bought 'em
> all.). How does this stuff hold up? I assume no one
> actually makes them
> anymore!
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