Ultrix on an 11/730?

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Fri Jan 30 13:27:03 2004

> I have a copy of VAX-11/730 console and microcode cassette
> with microcode version 58, which almost certainly has this
> bug fixed. Unfortunately it is not a virgin copy but a
> mutilated one. It was copied under Vampirist Mediocre System
> (VMS) which did not do a true block-for-block copy like UNIX
> dd, but parsed the original RT-11 filesystem and copied only
> the files, constructing a new RT-11 filesystem on the copy,

It's true that EXHANGE has no way of performing an image
copy, but I would have thought that BACKUP/PHYSICAL would
have done that, if the original copier had wanted to
achieve that effect. (I don't have a VAX-11/730 to
hand, so I'm not able to check that BACKUP would
handle a TU58 properly, but in principle it should).

However, I do know that the TU58 on the VAX-11/750 was
the slowest boot device I've ever come across. This
was not made any better by the fact that the files on
the TU58 were probably in a non-optimal order for the
specific config I was running. (The optimal order
depended IIRC on exactly how you chose to boot). In fact,
the CSC must have had one complaint too many about this as,
at one time, there was a procedure available which would
write a new tape in the optimal order for your requirements.
If the same was true for the VAX-11/730, perhaps what
you have is such an "optimised" tape.


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