new find: Sun Ultra 10

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 19:17:54 2004

> > Found one of these today. Tried to boot it but it goes into terminal
> > mode because I don't have a keyboard attached.
> And won't boot as well? Odd.

I suspect he's stuck at the OpenBoot prompt with no way of telling it to

> > No idea of the amount of memory or CPU speed since I can't get to the
> > OS.
> Older Suns report their RAM config and at least some info about their
> CPU in the ROM-generated banner. If it has the "ok " prompt the older
> machines use, typing "banner" at it might do something useful.

An Ultra 10 will take a max of 1Gb. The CPU speeds range from 300Mhz -
440Mhz, IIRC. It should display this info on the screen when you power it

It's a nice machine, but unless you can replace the IDE disk with a SCSI
controller and disk, the disk is a real bottleneck. My 300Mhz U10 came with
an ATA33 disk that didn't even run at 5400RPM! I still need to get it
switched to SCSI :^(

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