new find: Sun Ultra 10

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 20:30:59 2004

> I just got home and opened it up. Things are looking good! It has four
> sticks of Kingston KTS7030/512 memory. I looked them up online. Each pair
> is 512Mb so that means it has 1Gb of RAM! The hard drive is a Seagate
> Barracuda II model ST320420A. That's an Ultra ATA/66 8.5 mS 7200RPM 20.4Gb
> drive. It's not SCSI but it will do! The CPU is PN 501-5040. That's a 300
> Mhz UltraSpark IIi CPU with a ceramic CPU and 512k cache. It's not the
> fastest thing out there but again, it will do!

Nice, you've got about the same system as I do, I've only got an 8Gb 7200RPM
drive, but I've got the nice Creator 3D card in it. Mine came with 640Mb
RAM, but I found some that would work in it, and upgraded to 1Gb.

> Now where can I find Windeos for this thing? :-)

Har, har.... On a serious note, I'd not recommend trying to run OpenBSD on
it, that about drove me crazy. First time I've ever seen starting X-Windows
crash a system!

> Seriously, I found an Adaptec AHA-2940W/2940UW PCI SCSI controller today.
> Will it work in the SUN?

No. You need a Symbios SYM 22801 controller, I thing if you get the right
PC board you can do a substitute though. There are also a couple others
that will work.

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