DECnet/E and DECnet-Plus

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 22:49:12 2004


> What isn't working is the following:
> Getting a directory of the VMS system from RSTS/E
> Copying files between the two systems
> Logging in from one system to the other

What I did notice is that DEQNA's (and DELQA's) quite often drop packets
as soon as traffic gets heavier on the network. I tested this at the
raw-iron level (my own bare-metal test code) so that is not an OS-
driver issue. Under E11, I did not see this weirdness happen, so it
is a real-hardware thing.

Test boxes were various BA23's and BA123's with /23, /53, /73 and /83

This packet-dropping *may* cause network unreliability with traffic-
intensive ops such as copying files..

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