Need RT-11 on RX02

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 11:21:44 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 15:36, Dave Mitton wrote:

> I'm looking for someone to help me with a copy of a known good bootable
> RX02 RT-11 system diskette, and maybe even some diagnostics. There may be
> something wrong with the drives, but given the unreliability of my media, I
> cannot tell.

I have a complete set of v5.1 (I think) DEC RX02 floppies (ie the
distribution diskettes). I haven't tried them out yet to see if they're
any good.

My plan this weekend is to use my 11/45 running Unix V7 to copy off
images. If I don't get any errors, I was going to copy them off to my
laptop and then try booting them under an emulator to see if the
contents are any good.

If they are, I can do either of the following:
     1. e-mail you a complete set of RX02 images (free)
     2. make a set of RX02 floppies and mail them to you (something for
        the floppies and shipping).

I'll let you know later this weekend if I was successful in making
(useful) images.
TTFN - Guy
Received on Sat Jan 31 2004 - 11:21:44 GMT

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