Some things for sale - update

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Date: Sat Jan 31 11:51:28 2004

Hello, with everyone's patience, I would just like to offer that I now have a
list of mags for sell, please e-mail for list. Also, here is more detailed
info in order to sell the following:

Generic, non-front-panel S-100 system with cool smoked plexiglass cover/case

Dual 8" disk drives in chassis

ADM5 terminal

Please see:

Amiga 1000, monitor, external disk drive - complete system

IBM Convertible with printer in IBM carrying case, disks, manual, works but
screen does not display properly now

Osborne 1, slightly newer OCC1 model with blue face front and keyboard top,
looks great, excellent display, but can't get it to boot, all "boot errors."
Drive needs cleaning, adjustment, replacement? Or are my boot disks just bad?

Amstrad PPC640, seems to work, ready to boot, no disk, plus contrast does not
work and hinge needs repair on display

Most excellent Apple /// complete system with booting Apple Profile hard

I am motivated to sell, will definitely sell for less than eBay prices, but
I'm not giving things away for next to nothing. Please offer reasonable offers.
Thank you, David Greelish
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