How much does a Zenith Z120 worth

Date: Sat Jan 31 16:29:53 2004

I got a Zenith Data System Z120 (model EIA-416). It
has 5 S-100 slots with two boards installed. One is a
disk controller board. It has a green build in
CGA-like monitor and two 5.25'' floppy drives. The
case is good. It boots into MS-DOS. I googled and
found it had both 8085 and 8086 or 88. Since I am a
VAX guy I am willing to convert this beast (maybe 50LB
or more) into some resource (another word for money)
that I can use to buy VAX stuff. How much do you guys
think it worthes? If too little I will not place it
onto epay. Thank you.

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