new find: Sun Ultra 10

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sat Jan 31 17:48:43 2004

>> Anything droolworthy in the 20s? I'm always interested in SBus
>> stuff, even if only to turn green at cards others have :)
> Oh, would that be stuff like S-Bus expansion boxes, 16-port Serial
> cards, or quad 100Mbit Ethernet? Those are some of the coolest S-Bus
> widgets I've got. I'm also somewhat fond of the combo 10Mbit
> Ethernet/Narrow SCSI cards.

I'd love an xbox. (Or do you mean something else? Is there any other
SBus expansion box?) 16-port serial? Well, it _would_ be nice to be
able to dedicate a port to each serial console I have. qfe, well, I
have (almost?) nothing that speaks 100Mb to connect it to, so that
would be of little use to me. (I recently went poking, looking for
something that spoke 100Mb to test an hme card; I never did find
anything. The hme appears to be broken anyway, though, so it doesn't
much matter.)

> Of course what I drool over are the dual 50Mhz M-Bus modules that
> will let you turn a Sparc 20 into a Quad-processor box. Not that I
> would have any use at all for a system with them in it.

Well, I've got two CPU modules sitting idle. I'd cheerfully swap
either of them an xbox[%]; provided either NetBSD supports it or
there's enough doc for me to make NetBSD support it (and provided it
does reasonably full-featured serial lines), the same goes for a
16-port serial card. If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll dig
them out and send you the numbers and descs, and, if you're still
interested, test them.) I've also got some le/esp combo cards, such as
you expressed interest in....

[%] Note I'm talking about the sbus-to-sbus bridge, not the Microsoft
    game console! :-)

> BTW, anyone ever try the S-Bus expansion boxes, or 16-port serial
> cards in an Ultra 2? I'm wondering if such things will work in a U2.

Well, if you take me up on my offer, I could try them; I have a U2.
(Currently sitting idle, waiting for me to collect round tuits to do
something with it, but I could do _some_ testing at least.)

Hm, I wonder if the U2's onboard ethernet is an hme. Maybe I do have a
100Mb-capable machine....

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