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> The field guide lists the M7676 as if it was a single board
> T11, perhaps like Megan's "PDP laptop" from the VCFe.
> Anybody ever seen a M7676 / KXT11 ?

I haven't tried opening up the 'laptop' for some time... the last
time I did, I was unable to get it entirely open -- there is some
hidden screw somewhere I was unable to find. I'll try again when
I have a life again (after I get a house)...

As for the KXT11-A, I have a couple of them, both the -AA and the
-AB variants. In fact, the -AA is the one I used to do the work
on the DU driver to get RT to boot, since it needs an alternate
address (176150, if I remember correctly)

The KXT11-AB is a proto -- it doesn't have the purple card handles.

So, they do exist and have been seen... :-)

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