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From: Mike van Bokhoven <>
Date: Tue Mar 2 05:28:11 2004


I normally avoid saying things like this...

I have a bunch of IIc compatibles (Laser 128) that take the same power
adapter as the IIc. The connector is identical. The adaptor is a 17V unit,
very boring and average. Because I only have one original supply, but about
8 machines, I ran several of the others off a 13.8V automotive power supply
via a suitable cable and they ran perfectly. The rough DC is regulated
internally, so the machine doesn't seem to care much what it gets so long as
it's not too far off 17V.

WARNINGS... This is a Laser 128. It seems to be practically identical to a
IIc in most ways. However, I can't say whether an original IIc would be
happy running off 13.8V as the Lasers were. I do know that their power
supply was a very simple single-voltage DC affair, and the 7-pin DIN
connector was just a weird choice. As to which pins do what, you can tell by
popping the machine open and looking, or looking it up on the web...

This states the PS voltage is 15V, that may well be correct for the IIc.
Also note that if you accidentally reverse the connections on the PS
connector, it will reverse the voltage across the IIc, and quite possibly
destroy it. If you're not 100% confident that you're going to do the right
thing, it might be better to try to find a IIc (or maybe Laser 128) power


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> Hey ya'll I just located an old Apple IIc and was trying to figure out
it's power supply... anyone know where I can find pinouts for this
computer's power supply port? It's the male side of a 7 pin plug. Thanks.
> Lyos Gemini Norezel
> P.S.- I'll be getting a Commodore 64 (fully loaded/equipped) and a
TRS(trash)-80 in the next coupla days... oh boy, oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love
getting "new" toys.
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