Apple IIc

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 08:38:47 2004

> Hi!
> I normally avoid saying things like this...
> I have a bunch of IIc compatibles (Laser 128) that take the same power
> adapter as the IIc. The connector is identical. The adaptor is a 17V unit,
> very boring and average. Because I only have one original supply, but
> 8 machines, I ran several of the others off a 13.8V automotive power
> via a suitable cable and they ran perfectly. The rough DC is regulated
> internally, so the machine doesn't seem to care much what it gets so long
> it's not too far off 17V.
> WARNINGS... This is a Laser 128. It seems to be practically identical to a
> IIc in most ways. However, I can't say whether an original IIc would be
> happy running off 13.8V as the Lasers were. I do know that their power
> supply was a very simple single-voltage DC affair, and the 7-pin DIN
> connector was just a weird choice. As to which pins do what, you can tell
> popping the machine open and looking, or looking it up on the web...
> This states the PS voltage is 15V, that may well be correct for the IIc.
> Also note that if you accidentally reverse the connections on the PS
> connector, it will reverse the voltage across the IIc, and quite possibly
> destroy it. If you're not 100% confident that you're going to do the right
> thing, it might be better to try to find a IIc (or maybe Laser 128) power
> supply...
> Mike.

I suppose we have already established this but in case we haven't :
Apple IIC 'Factory' supply is :
15Vdc 1.2Amps 18W

Laser 128 PS is:
17V 1.8A (This is the PS I got with the Laser although it says Vtech Canada
on it. I presume it is a replacement but works fine.)

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