TRS-80 Model 12 crt substitution

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Date: Thu Mar 4 03:34:01 2004

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> The old method for this is 'tighten until the CRT implodes,
> then back off
> quarter of a turn' :-). [Note : If you don't realise this is
> a joke, then
> you shouldn't be attempting a CRT replacement, OK!!!]

Hehe! I've only ever decompressed one tube by trying to straighten a couple
of the pins on the back. The sound of the air rushing in was quite
disheartening :)

> isn't in the M4, so there probably isn't in the M12 either --
> the CRT can
> hold a charge for a lot longer than 'overnight'.

Ah, I didn't know that - I thought they discharged naturally.....
> and it may cause you to drop the CRT. I alwayse discharge a
> CRT with my
> EHT probe before handling it.

I should really get hold of an EHT probe 'cos it would save a lot of


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