H744 +5 supply - easy to fix?

From: Tom Uban <uban_at_ubanproductions.com>
Date: Thu Mar 4 07:44:04 2004

>Hmmm... one of mine had a faulty rectifier too. Not hard to diagnose
>or replace, but I wonder if that's a common failure? Another one had a
>bad filter cap -- but it had died of age (leaked) rather than causing a
>short. Another common "problem" seems to be whistling from the coil,
>if it's begun to delaminate. Probably a sign of previously running
>hot, and not necessarily anything to worry about. Several of my
>"brick" PSUs had faulty bulbs, and I found the easiest way to fix that
>ws to replace the bulb with an LED and a resistor, as found on the
>later versions.

I've seen a number of the rectifiers fail, so I would concur that it
is a common component to fail. Also, those supplies have always
whistled, even when new from the factory.

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