8Kx8 EPROMs -- was Re: MS BASIC for a Panasonic HHC RL-H1400

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Mar 4 15:29:40 2004

On Mar 4, 14:52, John Allain wrote:

[ about Motorola MCM68764 EPROMs ]
> > Fancy parting with a few? They're 24-pin 8Kx8, which makes
> > them particularly useful for some DEC boot ROMs
> Spit out some part numbers for compatible EPROMs and
> I'll check my cache of pulls for you.

Thank you. Trouble is, I don't know of any equivalent EPROMs, except
the Motorola MCM68766 and SCM90448 ;-) All the other 8Kx8 EPROMs I
know are 28-pin.

While I remember, does anyone know what DEC ROMs 23-398E4 and 23-399E4
are? They're in Motorola SCM90448Cs, which is what reminded me. I
can't remember what they came out of; possibly a PDT. Anyone know
about 23-126E4 and 23-127E4 (mask ROMs)?

Does anyone have any KDF11-B or KDJ11-B boot ROMs I could add to my

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