AUI cables in UK?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 17:16:00 2004

On Mar 4, 22:57, meltie wrote:
> On Thursday 04 March 2004 22:41, John Honniball wrote:
> > meltie wrote:
> > > Does anyone in the UK or immediate surrounds have an AUI cable
> > > that they'd be willing to part with for a small amount of beer
> >
> > I can do you an AUI cable, but it'd be a "normal", non-right-angle
> > Let me know if that'd be OK. Send clearance dimensions if you can!
> After a quick look, it's around 4.2 - 4.3 cm...Is it doable?

There's no way a standard-grade blue AUI cable will turn through 90 in
less than 15 cm. It might just be doable with an office-grade cable.
 They tend to be thinner and more flexible than the proper thick blue
ones. Or you could remove the cover and fit a right-angle cover,
probably. You could certainly do that with an office-grade cable -- I
used to have one like that.

I seem to remember having a genuine DEC beige transceiver, about twice
the size of the minature Allied Telesyn ones that are so common, which
had the AUI connector on the side instead of the end.

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