New Finds Today

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 19:50:42 2004

Hi Joe,

Cool finds! Wish I could get down there for a few P3 systems. Faster
than anything I have here. Any chance you could grab be a fast one (or
two... ) for me and maybe some sdram sticks and a few IDEs?

How'd the radio rallly go?

Oh, that Hyundai Sparc.... Sparc archetecture was open source from the
start and a few companies made some early Sparc machines.. neat find.

- Mike

> Went scrounging today and found a BIG pile of computers. MANY Dell PCs
> and a lot of IBM Power PCs. Brought home some of the PCs to check out and
> found that they all have P-III CPUs and ranged from 500 to 866 MHz. Some
> even had CD-RW drives! More interesting finds included two HP 9836Cs (the
> color version of the 9836), a HP 9000 380 (Probably top of the line for
> HP 9000 200/300 series), a Sun Ultra 1 Creator 3D, a >>Hyundai<< Sparc
> model HWS-S310 (I had no idea Hyundai built andything like this!), a
> Shark 10/100/FX Ethernet switch, a SUN SparcStation 20, a HP drive array
> with hotswap drives, and one old PC with a very strange looking card in
> I'm going back tomorrow and pulling parts from the PCs that I didn't take.
> They're all going to a steel scrapper so I'm free to take anything that I
> want from them.
> Joe
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