MIL-STD-1397C ???? was Re: New Finds Today

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 21:20:35 2004

At 10:12 PM 3/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> I just checked out the weird card that was in the old PC. It's a
>> MIL-STD-1397C communications interface. Here's a link to a site about the
>> card (a Navigator II). <>
>> I've never heard of this MIL STD before is anyone familar with it?
>NTDS, I think?

  Yeap, Naval Tactical Data System (I just found that on the net.)
Surprised that I've never heard of it before.

> Its a fairly bulletproof serial bus. Military, but you
>knew that.

   Do you know if it's still in use?


>William Donzelli
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