AUI cables in UK?

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 15:57:46 2004

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> > *or not, as they're stopping selling components...
> Oh *great*. Then again I've been using Farnell lately so sod 'em :)
That's Craplin for you, though. I went in to get a few nuts and bolts
(literally) a few weeks ago - "Sorry, Sir, we've stopped stocking those."
Same again for the BD140 transistors and the high current battery connector I
Only thing I've got against Farnell is that they've stopped stocking the FCI
Minitek 2mm pitch connectors - they're now sold under the "Direct Ship"
scheme - in other words, "Pay extra and wait a week". Strange how not six
months ago Farnell UK stocked the Minitek crimps and headers. Does anyone
know of a source for 2mm-pitch connectors suitable for connection to the
RS232 port on a Hewlett Packard 700LX palmtop? The 100LX and 200LX use the
same connector, IIRC - 5x2 2mm-pitch female header (socket - holes, not

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