Source for PDP-8/E console lamps?

From: vrs <>
Date: Sat Mar 6 00:40:49 2004

> Does anyone know of a source for replacement
> lamps for a PDP-8/E console? I have an otherwise
> immaculate console board that I would like to
> use in its original condition, e.g., w/o an
> LED conversion, but one of the bulbs has been
> broken, and, at any rate, additional failures
> are likely.

I was able to confirm in the 8/e maintenance manual that the bulb is the
1209219 (page 5-1).

Robert Krten also describes a technique for taking Augat machine sockets and
making sockets for the bi-pin bulbs, to minimize soldering/desoldering on
the relatively delicate fron-panel traces. lists the CM2309 for $1.38, but with unknown availability.

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