KL-10 question

From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Mon Mar 8 10:29:34 2004

>>>>> "Guy" == Guy Sotomayor <ggs_at_shiresoft.com> writes:

 Guy> Hi, Does anyone know how much 3-phase power (at say 220v) a
 Guy> KL-10 requires?

 Guy> I just acquired some commercial space to move my collection into
 Guy> and I noticed today that there are several 220v 3-phase power
 Guy> drops that I hadn't noticed previously. I'm kind of hoping that
 Guy> I'll have enough 3-phase to be able to start resurecting my
 Guy> KL-10, but I need to know how much I need.

I remember a big plug rated at probably at least 50 amps.

One suggestion would be to check the name plates either on the chassis
near the power inlets, or on the power supplies. You might also use
the power cable and plug dimensions as a guideline; find the current
rating of the cable used for the power inlet. That should be somewhat
over the actual amount needed but not massively so -- power syhstem
designers don't usually overdesign cables by large margins.

Yet another possibility is to ask the Rhode Island computer museum --
I believe that's where the KL-10 sits that used to belong to John

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