Vinegar and Computer guts...

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 21:26:34 2004

   I'd hesitate to use vinegar. However it would probably be ok as long as
you rinsed with clean water and dried everything well. I'd try baking soda
first. I'd put in in some kind of container and put that inside the
computer or maybe just put both in closed up box or bag. I've also had good
luck using Pursue deoderizing spray from Amway. I just mist the item
lightly and let it sit awhile. Pursue seems to be pretty good at killing
odors. If it really stinks you might try closing it up in a plastic bag
with a bit of Pursue. I'd put the Pursue on a cottom ball or something
similar and put that inside an open can and keep it off the computer. Close
the bag up and leave it for a while.

   Let us know what you end up doing and your results.


At 06:49 PM 3/8/04 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know if it would be safe to put a dish of Vinegar inside
>a computer? I've got a Sun Ultra 60 that smells. I've already
>sprayed the foam and fans with Lysol, and I've taken bleach to the
>foam as well, plus I'm getting ready to put the front (which is the
>foam that smells the worst) through the dishwasher.
>However, the inside of the computer smells some as well, and it's
>been suggested that I stick an open dish of vinegar in/near the
>computer, changing the vinegar a couple times a day for a couple
>days. I'm slightly nervous about this as Vinegar is 5% acidic.
>I'm just afraid to have the system in the house, and power it up
>until I get the smell beat down thanks to my allergies.
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