From: steve <gkicomputers_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Mar 9 13:21:38 2004

--- Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org> wrote:
> The Ebay search engine is a bad joke. One of the
> searches I used to use
> was:
> (s-100,altair,imsai) -canon -samsung -minolta
> They hyphen is not recognized, and instead of
> bringing up the stuff I am
> interested in, 521 items get brought up including
> junk like "70`S AND
> 80`S AND 90`S 100 baseball and football cards".
> Your way of searching will totally exclude items
> that got posted in the
> wrong catagory and other such items.
Yes, but what you basically doing is equivalent to
looking at every single table in a gigantic flea
market, regardless whether the vendor is selling tee
shirts or electronics, and hoping that the tee shirt
guy has an Altair underneath his table. Fine, this is
a wonderful way of getting bargains, but your going to
have to pay the price another way, by spending hours
wading through tons of crap, this is no different on
ebay. You can tell Ebay to put any filters you want
in their search engine, but sellers are always going
to find new ways to trick you into finding their

Maybe a compromise is to search a couple high level
categories, like computers,Business & Industrial,
consumer electronics and skip over the Sports and
Stamps and the like. This will save you some time and
not limit your search too much.


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