VAXStation disk question

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 03:39:39 2004

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, John Lawson wrote:

> Attempting to boot, >>> b (ret)
> produces a 1 minute wait and returns
> PC=00000C66
> the first time after power-up and
> 84 FAIL
OK. This means that it tried, but could not find or use the
device that was defined as "default boot device" in the NVRAM.

> This was a DEC-owned machine, it has a DEC property/asset tag on it, and
> the drive is a DEC RZ23-E (Connor). If it's running, it's the damn
> quietest HD I've ever encountered. The drive is getting it's proper
> voltages, +5 and +12, and upon power up the faintest of 'clicks' can be
> heard within it (parking solenoid??) and then nothing.
OK, that sounds like an RZ23 allright.

Try to see what is in there by doing a

>>> show dev

at the prompt. This will give you a list of disks, tapes, and whatnot.

Assuming DEC followed its own config rules, the RZ23 is at SCSI ID#3,
meaning it will show up as DKA3: in that list. You can (or, should be
able to) boot it with

>>> boot dka3:

if it still has a valid system on it. If not, you need to get together
with someone who know how to install or net-install it :)

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