[x-post from port-vax] HSD05 formatting

From: meltie <lists_at_microvax.org>
Date: Wed Mar 10 09:12:20 2004

Hi again guys :)

I've got myself a storageworks shelf (with floor-stand hardware and the
smoked doors :D ) that has 3 SBBs and a HSD05 DSSI<->SCSI unit. It's
hooked up to my 4000/200 with a KFQSA MSCP DSSI card, and i've set it up
so that I can SET HOST/DUP/UQSSP/DISK 0 into the HSD05 and run all the
setup utils and toys there.

However, I don't know how to partition these disks under NetBSD - i've had
a bit of a fiddle with disklabel but quite frankly I get a bit lost, and
most of the time disklabel locks up on me anyway - I suspect this is
because it cannot know the true geometry of the disk it is talking to, but
that's just a supposition...

The three disks I have appear to the VAX firmware as DIS610, DUA620 and
DUA630 - all appearing as RF72 disks, and the VAX is netbooting NetBSD

Can anyone explain to me how I can get these babies formatted so I can
eventually install NetBSD on them?

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