contolling static

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 19:07:51 2004

 One other thought. Take some liquid dish soap and
delute a couple of spoons full into a bucket. Mop
the floor with this, without rinsing ( just let it dry ).
This should also help some.

>From: "Brian Mahoney" <>

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>> >Any ideas on reducing/controlling the static?
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>> >Ottawa, Canada
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>The problem isn't moisture, most basements have enough of that especially if
>you used new wood for studs. The laminate flooring is causing the problem.
>There are some kinds that have anti-static built into them but not yours,
>If the problem is around your stored computers, I would suggest an
>anti-static mat with a ground cord. For the price you could get a few and
>place them all around your work area. I'm sure someone here could figure out
>how to ground the whole floor since it is now, more or less, monolithic.
>Hope this helps.
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