From: jim <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 19:23:22 2004

Dave Mabry wrote:

> Hello Jaume,


> You can create your own with software that is on
> the Yahoo site for Grid computers. It is a discussion forum for Grid
> systems and I have sent up the software to that forum for creating
> images of ROMs that work on the 1535 among others.



I looked for "grid" "grid computing" in the yahoo cespool of
discussion groups, and found that the term "grid computing"
seems to apply to the type of computing used by seti, computing
by people who are "networking" as in yuppies, and so forth,
but out of the 400 or so hits I didn't find one that was dedicated
to grid incorporated computers (laptop too early a term for

can you post the link or email it to me to the thing, as in

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