Stupid Wire Wrapper Questions

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 18:13:48 2004

> Alright. Here are some questions regarding the PDP-7 wire rewrapping:
> Are there different sizes?

There are sevearl sizes of wire-wrap bit/tool, depending on the thickness
of the wore you want to wrap. At least on later DEC machines (PDP8s,
PDP11s), they used the most common size that you can get anyware (#26? #30??)

> Different/special wires?

You _must_ use the special wire-wrap wire. Also get a good wirestripper,
set for that size of wire (you can get wirestrippers for wire-wrap wire).
You'll go mad getting the insulation off otherwise. A rotary wirestripper
is probably the nicest if you have one/can afford one (They are _not_

> Is it hard? In comparison to soldering?

Very easy. I think it's easier than soldering, but you do need to
practice a little first.

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