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Date: Sat Mar 13 10:22:02 2004

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Subject: older technical software

Do you guys ever come across older technical software for the PC or Mac?
Over the last few years I have found copies of some cad software along with
mathematics, MathCAD, and a few other goodies for my 68k macs. I was
wondering how common that kind of software is and what kind of places would
have it.

Most of my Apple and Mac software is games and stuff for kids. I have boxes
and boxes of it. The PC stuff is mostly spreadsheet and Wordstar type. I
must say though that for virtually every computer I have, there is some
software. Not really sure what the point of the discussion is but in the
hardware/softare/manual triumverate, my choice would be manuals first,
software second and hardware third. Second and third aren't much good
without the first. Yet it seems that the paper/disc things are thrown out
first, hardware last.
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