Strange Keyboard (take 2)

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sat Mar 13 15:46:16 2004

> Hey ya'll I finally went to the archives when I didn't receive any
> responses here and found that ya'll couldn't open the pics... so here
> they are in zip form... could someone please tell me what the heck
> this is from?


I tried, but they all cause bmptoppm to crash. (For others: the zip
file contains four files, keyboard%d.bmp for %d from 1 thorugh 4.)

[Sparkle] 1701> bmptoppm < keyboard1.bmp > keyboard1.ppm
bmptoppm: Windows BMP, 637x825x24
bmptoppm: cbFix: 40
bmptoppm: cx: 637
bmptoppm: cy: 825
bmptoppm: cPlanes: 1
bmptoppm: cBitCount: 24
bmptoppm: warning: offBits is 54, expected 67108918
xshowppm: can't read input picture: EOF looking for magic number
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[Sparkle] 1702>

Not that I'm all that likely to recognize it, but it would help if you
could use a format like ppm, or gif, or jpeg....

As for the geocities issue, I have some ftp space I can put the zipfile
up for ftp from if you want.

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