OT: Justice, FBI Seek Rules for Internet Taps

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_rddavis.org>
Date: Sun Mar 14 15:35:03 2004

Quothe Vintage Computer Festival, from writings of Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 12:34:06AM -0800:
> Well, in thise case, since the only "customer" for wiretap features would
> be the gummint, then THEY should pay for it.

Either way, the consumer pays for it. I prefer the concept of billing
the politicians for it instead and having a law passed stating that
citizens have the right to evesdrop on, and tap the phone lines and
internet connections of, all politicians---and political appointees,
which would include the right of the citizens to view video feeds from
web cams in politicians' offices and hotel rooms. As long as they're
in office, they should be fully accountable---no secrets of any sort
from the public.

There needs to be a web site where people can go to and do this to the
politicians of their choosing, including viewing and listening too any
of the rooms of the white house, senate, etc., 24 hours a day, every
day of the year, as well as all of their limousines, Camp David, etc.

It would probably send chills up the spines of politigoons if large
numbers of citizens started demanding this---which the apathetic
masses won't do, of course, just like they won't do the patriotic
thing and burn effigies of politicians as the politicians drive past
on Fourth of July parages, or angrily shout frightening things at the
elected scoundrels as they drive past.

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