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From: Ethan Dicks <dickset_at_amanda.spole.gov>
Date: Thu Mar 18 05:16:13 2004

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 07:38:47PM +0100, Vincent Guyot wrote:
> I just get a 4952A unit, with a POD cable (AUI male - AUI female I guess)
> and this disc containing the terminal emulator. But I don't have any
> manual.

I also have a few HP line monitors, two with TU-58-style tape transports,
and one 4952C(?) with 3.5" floppy.

I do not have the terminal emulator software for mine. My recollection is
that through the 4952, you can make an archival copy, but the process
somehow marks the source disk as having been backed up. Does anyone know
if it's possible to manipulate these disks in PeeCee-ish boxes?

I don't know anything about the format, except that they probably use
"1MB unformatted" floppies (i.e., formatted to 880K in an Amiga, 720K
in a DOS box, etc.)

These things are lots of fun, especially when you are trying to debug
protocol bugs on sync modem lines. At Software Results, we programmed
one to emulate an IBM Mainframe and I/O controller (SNA PU Type 5?)
to test signon bugs. The real problem was having to send RR (Receiver
Ready) packets. There was enough RAM in the HP to get as far as the
SNA BIND, then it just looped.


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