Setting a DECserver free

From: Adam Goldman <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 05:13:37 2004

If you Google for 90stalps there is a document where you can look up by
the DExxx model number (from the module's label) whether it needs the
12/5 supply or the 5-only supply. It also gives pinouts. Note that the
pinouts for the 12/5 and 5-only supplies are incompatible.

IIRC you can double-check the pinout with a continuity tester. The metal
bolt between the DIN and the backplane connector is grounded.

The pinout in 90stalps is as viewed from the PLUG on the power supply cord.

>From my notes, here is a pinout for the 5-volt-only modules as viewed from
the JACK on the module.

 G N P |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
 G K P [] | backplane conn |
  G P |________________|

G=ground, P=+5V_at_2A, N=NC, K=empty
this is a 7-pin mini-din, but 8-pin plugs can be used. bending one of the pins
might help with insertion. ps/2 connectors will NOT work.

I have thrown together a supply using a small enclosed switching supply. It
works well. These days, one of those 5-volt switching wallwarts is probably
also a possibility.

Since DIN connectors accept fairly thin wire, you'll want to parallel 3 wires
per rail (i.e. one per pin) to provide current handling capacity.

-- Adam
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