From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 12:20:28 2004

Andreas Holz wrote:
>No I've non, but 1. for which type of Symbolics to you need the drive
>and 2. ho do you want to format the drive?

It's for an XL1200, the last in the line of ivory based machines.

My understanding is that the FEP and genera can both format SCSI drives.
They won't format ESDI drives (which I have lots of) due to the need for
a bad block list.

Apparenly someone at symbolics decided long ago that the way to handle
bad blocks was use a custom program which makes a special file system
and enter all of the bad block #'s by hand. This was something
customers never got...

I need a unibus ESDI controller so I can use some of the 5 1/4" ESDI drives
I have lying around! anyone?

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