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Date: Fri Mar 19 14:51:47 2004

>>>>> "Antonio" == Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org> writes:

>> early VARMs, the EK-VAXAR-RM ones, are lovely: 100% pure ASCII,
>> except for boldface section headers the book is line printer
>> output.

 Antonio> One of the standard questions I recall within DEC was "can I
 Antonio> have an electronic copy of STD 032" to which the standard
 Antonio> answer was "No, there's no such thing". Obviously there
 Antonio> *was* such a thing, it just never got released that way. It
 Antonio> only came out (AFAIK) in hardcopy. Same with the Alpha SRM.

That sounds right. I never had a VAX SRM but I had an Alpha SRM for a
while, and it was a "limited distribution numbered copies" type of
document. The sort of thing that you have to send back to the
originator for disposal and logging when you no longer need it.

DEC didn't do that level of security very often, but they did on

>From what I remember, the difference between the Alpha SRM and the
stuff that was published externally was quite large, much larger than
what you describe for VAX. But after 12 years I no longer remember
what it was (and in any case I'd still have to obey confidentiality
about it anyway).

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