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From: Paul Pennington <paulpenn_at_knology.net>
Date: Fri Mar 19 21:39:43 2004

"Mike" <dogas_at_bellsouth.net> said:

> Not pure unobtanium... Seems like about 5 give or take a few have been
> sold on ebay last year including one still as a kit. Don't remember the
> but I think at least one went cheap and another for at least alot.

    Okay, there are some around, but more than I would pay. I guess the
crazy prices are bringing them out of hiding. Here's some recent price
points for Heathkit ETA-3400's on eBay:

    Mar 14, 2004 $380. With ET-3400, manual, and EE-3401 course.
    Feb 20, 2004 $565 With ET-3400, both unbuilt.
    Feb 16, 2004 $437 With ET-3400A, both unbuilt.

    One question: is there an assembly listing for the tiny BASIC in the

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia
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