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From: Lyos Norezel <lyosnorezel_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Mar 20 00:25:54 2004

Don't know how I missed this thread... seems I'm not recieving all of the group mail.
>A month ago Monday the windows source code leak happened
>and at least one commentator, Michelle DeLeo(sp?) of Wired magazine
>said that the source was "filled with profanity". I'd like to find a few
>sites with more information on this. Anybody have some good
>places to go find out more? A reply offline is fine.
>TIA John A.
John... I actually have a copy of the Winblows source code and so far have not found any profanity... will keep looking.

>Just as a comparative data point - when Australia passed its blue
>laws, there were some concerns as to whether the Linux source would
>pass scrutiny. The "F Word" appears very frequently in the comments.
> Doc
Somehow I'm not suprised.

>Yeah, I remember most of my code told tales of evil hardware
>bugs in the comments... :)
LOL... but of course... source code would be source code without the occaisional bit of cussing.
>I believe profanity is a common in most likely most source code. I
>have had the opportunity to examine extensive amounts of source code
>from Atari and it is filled with profanity, poems, quotes, jokes and
>I think its a way of blowing off steam for programmers and quite frankly
>it adds a more personal touch to code to see that it wasn't just written
>by a bunch of drones, but from creative, feeling people with a sense of
Good point... always nice to know that the programmers aren't in fact some highly advanced robots or something.
>Well, I've done it before:
>"What kind of brain-damaged drone designed this piece of (excrement)?"
>"This compiler needs a rewrite. Preferably by someone who isn't a (*beep*)ing
>"Now for something pointless and unnecessary" (just before a "write the same
>thing to a port ten times" loop)
>"The (*beep*)head who designed this API should be hung, drawn and quartered"
>As you can probably guess, I haven't had much luck with compilers, especially
>the MICROS~1 compiler.
LOL... gotta love it.
>I didn't quite go that far, but in some of the code I wrote to directly
>access the disk controller under MS-DOS, I had comments that insulted
>Intel peripheral chips (which always seem to do the Wrong Thing) and the
>PC hardware design...
How could you not insult Intel? They put themselves in a collaborative effort with Microsh~t didn't they? LOL
>So end-users aren't the *only* ones swearing at Windows? That's
>refreshing to know... :-o
Of course we aren't... anyone who designs software that is meant to be absolute sh~t has got to be allowed to vent once in a while.
>Bad show when it's the programmers cursing at it, though, huh?
Naw... just shows how bad MicroSh~t has really gotten. BTW just so ya'lls know... the guy who wrote windows.h needs to jump off the empire state building. That is about the worst piece of programming I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. What's really pathetic... is that my attempt a few years ago a disassembling the windows software... the code it threw out was actually better then the code I saw in the windows leaked source. It was User32.dll incase you wanted to know. It's pretty bad when a computer spits out better code then what the programmer made in the first place.
Lyos Gemini Norezel

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