Old computer stuff available - DECwriterII LA36 and modem

From: A. Cavasin <envr1265acav_at_cogeco.ca>
Date: Sun Mar 21 10:41:46 2004

Hi everyone.
I've been directed to your mail list by Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices
who is also a collector of old computer stuff.

I have a few things in my basement that will be looking for a new home soon.
 I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario but I also have relatives in
Toronto, Montreal and in Ottawa (Canada) who could bring stuff to their home
for pickup. Shipping is an option if you wish to pay for it.

 I currently have available a Digital DECwriter II LA36 printer/terminal
 serial connector (owner's manual included) and handset 300 baud modem. I
found a couple of pictures on the web and am attaching them for your
reference. My unit is in good working condition (when last used a few years
ago) with an unused spare ribbon
 either with it or already installed. It also has a side table about 8 or 10
 inches wide which can be mounted on either side.

 I have some other stuff available also but I can list those later.

 At this time, please let me know if you, or anyone you know, is interested
 in these two items (above). A nominal price would be appreciated.

 Please contact me to make arrangements or to let me know of your interest.
Also, please let me know if this is an appropriate forum for making my old
stuff available. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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