NEC PC8200, 8201

From: Don Mitchell <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 12:01:26 2004

I have 10 or maybe 12 of these babies, all from the 80s. The oldest
would be from 84 and the newest maybe 87 or 88. Some have the original
vinyl case and others have hand-made insulated cases (they were used
outside for data collection).

Dry cell battery holders only (no NiCads).

Some have 16k, some 32k and maybe one with 64k?

When I stored them, they all worked.

There are no documentation sets for them.

There are no cassette tapes for them.

Most or all of them have stickon labels identifying their function (in
my operation), so a bit of cleaning will be necessary.

I need reimbursement for actual shipping costs, only.

Contact me by making the obvious substitution:

runtime (at)

Don Mitchell
Runtime Services
Received on Sun Mar 21 2004 - 12:01:26 GMT

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