Decitek 262 Tape Reader Manual?

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 13:33:11 2004

Hey, all:

I just ran into some small but nice finds, including an older Decitek
262 tape reader (this one is model #262D9-005). Of course I have the
standard old problem that there's no manual or documentation for it at
all, which makes testing and using it a lot less easy.

Anyone have an online copy of the manual somewhere, or a real-life manual
they'd be willing to loan or copy?

(I wrote to Decitek to see if they had a copy available. They told me they
didn't support the unit any more, but they'd be happy to give me a $200
trade-in for a new one. Er, no, not quite what I had in mind. <g>)

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