From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Mon Mar 22 17:24:28 2004

> If such a thing can be pried loose, I'd love a copy. I
> intend to build a VAX emulator at some point and I'd feel
> more confident if I had exhaustive exerciser tests for it.
> (I have a rudimentary version working now, but I have to just
> trust that I haven't made some subtle mistake somewhere....)

I never had access to AXE, but as I understand it, it would
generate semi-random sequences of instructions and then
execute them. Then it would compare the actual results
with known good results. I don't know the details of how
it would determine "known good results" given that the sequence
was semi-random.

So you would kick it off and if the machine under test did not
fall over in a heap after a few weeks or months of running,
then it was probably good enough.

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