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From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Tue Mar 23 14:04:27 2004

> > NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> > This can potentially leave a circuit floating, wich can be
> much more
> > dangerous. Try to HI_POT test a device in this
> configuration, and you
> > may very well let the "magic-smoke" out. If you are
> switching on the
> > raw power side, the neutral should always remain connected. In fact
> > this is code for many (most/all) CE/UL approval stamps!
> Certainly something could be designed so a hot and neutral break
> ("disconnect") is quite safe, but you are right, most
> applications are safer just breaking the hot. Plus, breaking
> both really is just a waste of money for a more complex switch.

I'm lost as to how a device with a switch that breaks both
Live and Neutral can be *more* dangerous that a device with
a switch that breaks only Live (or just breaks one line,
for those of you who have to work with people who wire
things up wrong ... "consumers" is the technical term,
I believe).

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