From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Tue Mar 23 14:45:21 2004

> Forget the axe!
> Build simpler computers that work!


> I don't still don't trust it! CPU diagnostics needs to be
> designed into
> the CPU in the design not added later. But CPU's nowdays are designed
> for speed not long life. Also what happens when AXE or any other test
> finds a FAULT. Crash the system or what?

I think you've missed what AXE does.

I give you a spec for the chip (in this case DEC STD 032, the
VAX Architetcure Manual). You build the chip.

I want to know if you've built a chip that meets
the spec or just one that "almost" meets the spec.

AXE runs in my lab on the chips that you have built. If it fails,
you've goofed (or AXE needs fixing, but if yours is the Nth design
in line, I know where I'd place my money :-)). If it has not
failed after a few weeks, then *maybe* you earned your money
over the last few weeks, months or years.

So AXE runs in the labs not on customer systems. By the time
customers have systems it's far too late to be looking for
chip design and/or implementation errors.

CPU diags are there to check that the chip was stamped properly
at the factory and still works after you spurt coke all over it.
That's not AXE's job.


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