More on my flickering DEC monitor

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Date: Wed Mar 24 03:48:36 2004

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> I'm curious what a leakage and corrsion looks like with flux
> left on the circuit board?

So am I, for future reference......
> good, has to dug out. I do sometimes on the TV & monitors at
> work. I work for a electronic repair shop daily.

You're a handy man to have about then :)
> This is called fractured joints, fix them. Before soldering,
> get a pink eraser or rod eraser that can take off oxidization
> on old penny, give it a few scrubs over those suspect joints

I just sucked off the old solder and put new on - it's nice and shiny now.

> Remove the CRT tin cover, you will see some cracked rings on many
> parts too. Ditto to any hot parts, heavy parts and/or large pins.

Yup, I went over everything that was dull and tired looking. The only real
cracks were the ones I photographed. Having gone over the PSU and logic
boards I got it all back together last night and it's sitting next to me now
running my second desktop. So far it's producing a much better picture than
the the Compaq monitor I'm looking at now.....which is 4 years younger.
> it is junky or too little estimate, do good job but no clean
> up. Those excess solder in that photos is sign of a rushed,
> lazy tech.

So it's been repaired before then.....
> What kind of digital camera taken those outstanding photos
> that showed those cracked rings in those solder side joints?

'tis a 2 year old Fuji 6800, possibly the last half decent camera they
produced before coming up with the awful A601. Works best on a tripod though
- those pix were hand held so I'm surprised they came out so well!


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