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From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Wed Mar 24 06:46:26 2004

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>I need 16 of the following for my Amiga 2091 SCSI card (just got it with a
>2000HD system today):
> CMOS 256K x 4 DRAMs (44C256) rated at 120 ns or faster.

  Those are EASY to find. Just go to a surplus store and grab the old VGA
type video cards. A lot of them used those chips and they're frequently
socketed. You need to check the part numbers, the 4 x 256k chips are
available with a number of different part numbers but the PNs are usually
some variation of xxxx4256-xxx.

>Without memory on the card the SCSI controller can't do DMA transfers, so
>its running as fast as a BIG floppy drive.
>Anybody have a box of these in their parts bins?

    Yeap :-) I use them in my HP Viper cards. I picked up over 200 of the
ICs in video cards in one trip to a surplus store.

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