finding old RAM

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 17:25:05 2004

> SIMMS are the new stuff -- lets talk old, like:
> 1 meg X 1 bit DRAM in a 20 pin DIP package. I bet most of that has ended

That's not old. _OLD_ DRAMs are Intel 1103 1K*1 bit PMOS chips, needing
+16V and +19V supplies, and using similar logic levels...

> up on the landfill by now. I need a large quantity to populate Amiga RAM
> boards.

Seriously, I could use some 1103s. 32 of them actually, along with a
couple of the 3207 driver chips. My HP9830 uses such RAM, and 'only' has
6K words of store. There's space on one of the memory PCBs for 32 more
chips to bring it up to 8K. I'd also have to add at least one 3207 (used
to drive the precharge, CE/ and WE/ lines) a couple of transistors and
some passives I think.

But this is hardly an important project :-)

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