Computer Replica's B-205

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 20:30:26 2004

Ernest wrote:
> My vote is for a metal box, with lots of blinken lights all over it, and
> a few non-sensically cryptic words and stripes silk screened artfully
> under specific areas and light groupings. Oh, and add a few toggle or
> paddle switches that probably don't actually do anything. Paint it a sky
> blue or chartreuse green, with orange or purple stripes, and it would be
> perfect. I don't care if it computes or not. I just like flippin
> switches and blinken lights. Weird paint schemes are good, also, and the
> box should use massive amounts of electricity and heat the entire house
> all by itself. We need more replica's like THAT.
You mean like here.
PS. They seem to have parts of a real B205 complete with tubes.
A good restore project around Portland, Oregon?. Check the site for
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