replacing +15v regulator on BA-11?

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 11:08:58 2004

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Parker <> writes:

 Brad> I also "tuned" the 785 supply - it was lagging around 13v. I
 Brad> assume cranking it up to 15 is the right thing to do.

As a rule of thumb, DC power should be within 5% of the nominal value.

As a DEC reality, DC power should be not less than the nominal value,
nor more than 5% above. In other words, -0%, +5%. I learned that
from field service when they were troubleshooting a cranky DMC11. The
cause was that the power (+5V in that case, I believe) was about 3%
below nominal, and the device wouldn't work reliably then.

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